The Big Squeeze 2020 | #1 tech startup & scale-up event on time squeezing

The Big Squeeze 2020
boosted your growth like never before!

See you in May, 2021 for the next edition.




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"The most successful companies are the ones that know how to squeeze time: through their network, through their experience and through automation of their processes."

"Fall in love with the problem, not with the solution! Be prepared to tune and to revisit it.”

"Being an entrepreneur is about being quick, being agile and being resilient. Belgian start-ups have shown to be all of that. They are COVID-proof. By pivoting fast, by quickly adapting to new circumstances. It is no surprise that in today's difficult job market, it is the start-ups and scale-ups who create the new jobs. So I am very happy to see that COVID could not prevent a new edition of The Big Squeeze."

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