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The Big Squeeze 2021

Frank Maene
(Volta Ventures)

“Very professional organized event!”
Paula Kant (Invest Hong Kong)

“Splendid collaboration with The Big Squeeze. Looking forward to the next edition!”
Wouter Foulon (Comate)

“Attending The BigSqueeze was again inspirational with high-quality content and a uniquenetworking opportunity amongst experts and peers.” 
Lucas Stoops (Force Over Mass)

“We always look forward to The Big Squeeze to see many fascinatingcompanies. It’s always well organized and we are lookingforward to the next one!”
Nick Destrycker (Edgise)

“The Big Squeeze helps in expanding our network and connecting with interestingparties in a no-nonsense straightforward format.” 

The Big Squeeze 2020

2700+ awards votes
840+ meetings
500+ attendees
150+ startups
35+ booths and expert classes

The Big Squeeze 2019

1000+ startups, scale-ups, corporates & investors and much more...
60+ startup & scale-up exhibitors
25 CEO inspiration sessions
4 inspiring key notes  

Tech Startup day

1000+ attendees
750+ business meetings
350+ tech startups
60+ investors
25+ speakers